Drug & Alcohol Policy

It is the policy of Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences to maintain a drug-free workplace. The use or sale of non-prescription, “controlled substance” drugs, including, but not limited to, marijuana, cocaine, stimulants, and depressants will not be tolerated on the TSHAS premises, at any of its clinical facilities, or at any school-sponsored function off the premises. Any student believed to be under the influence or in possession of a non-prescribed, “controlled substance” drug and under the influence of alcohol will be temporarily prohibited from attending classes pending an investigation of the incident. Should it be determined that the student was under the influence, in possession or involved in the purchase and/or sale of a “controlled substance” while on the premises of TSHAS, or school-sponsored event, the student will be dismissed.

Should it later be determined that the student was not involved in the above activity, he/she will be reinstated and lost class time will be added to the normal completion date.  Students are solely responsible for the use of prescribed drugs, and the same academic and social behavior is expected of all students regardless of conditions of health.  Students who need counseling assistance for drug or alcohol dependency should contact the School Director. All referrals will be kept confidential.