TSHAS’s RN-BSN completion program allows current licensed registered nurses to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing in as few as 48 weeks (96 weeks for part-time option) by attending classes one to two days and/or evenings per week.


TSHAS’s RN-BSN completion program allows current licensed registered nurses to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing in as few as 48 weeks (96 weeks for part-time option) by attending classes one to two days and/or evenings per week. This 3-semester accelerated program awards 36 credits for nursing courses taken during the program, 30 credits for an active unencumbered CA RN licensure and up to 51 general education credits. In addition, the student may also transfer in an additional 3 credit pathophysiology course if it meets transfer criteria (providing for the option of 54
transfer credits). The program framework is based on the “Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice (American Association of College of Nursing (AACN – 2008) and prepared the student to focus on the application of clinical reasoning , leadership, communication and collaboration, patient safety, research, and evidence-based practice among other relevant topics in the provision of safe, effective and contemporary professional nursing care. In addition, the student has the opportunity to meet the California requirements for Public Health Nursing Certificate while engaged in program study. The program provides an opportunity for upward mobility as a bachelor’sprepared registered nurse. The degree and educational program serves as the foundation for graduate study in nursing and has up to two start opportunities each year.

Program Philosophy

The BS Nursing education program at TSHAS provides the student with the necessary skills to enable the student to provide safe, effective evidenced-based patient care at the level of professional registered nurse. At this level, the students provide clinically competent care and learn the profession of caring through the utilization of the nursing process, critical reasoning and analysis, and the attainment of an excellent nursing education. The faculty views nursing education as responsive in preparing students for the current and future nursing needs of people in an ever changing complex and diverse health care delivery system.

Mission Statement

The TSHAS’s Baccalaur eate Nursing Program’s mission is to educate future nurses to provide high quality, ethical, safe, and compassionate nursing care in diverse healthcare environments. The program supports and celebrated the nursing profession and the student and the persons, communities and groups they will ultimately care for. The baccalaureate degree prepares the nurse to assume additional advanced leadership roles and to collaborate with interdisciplinary teams in complex systems to improve healthcare access for all, decrease costs, recognize and respect diversity and promote equality.

RN-BSN Program Plan

Program Plan:

The recommended completion time for full-time study for this program is 48 weeks (one academic year) of study with classes scheduled at 1-2 days and/or evenings per week.

A part-time option exists for students who want/need to go at a slower pace. Part-time students can complete this program in about 2 calendar years or approximately 96 weeks of academic study. The Part-time option starts in the “B” semester session.

Total Program Credit/Units: 36-39* (*if pathophysiology is not transferred).


Pathophysiology is offered at the college and the student has the option to transfer it into the program or take it at the college. If not transferred into the program, it may be taken independently prior to beginning of the program or during the student’s first semester of the program.

Full-Time Study

Full-time study is completed in 3 sequential semesters with the first two semesters being interchangeable. Full-time students take 12 credits each semester. Students who have not taken pathophysiology prior to entrance will need to take pathophysiology prior to their first or in their first in-residence semester (see below):

Option 1 = A + B + C
Option 2 = B + A + C

Part-Time Study

Part-time study involves 6 credits/units of course work each semester. The student study involves 6 credits/units per semester. The student begins with 6 units of study in Semester B then takes 6 more in A, then continues at 6 credits/units per semester until all work in semesters A and B are completed then proceeds to take 6 credits/units in Semester C followed by the remaining 6 credits/units in semester C. Students who wish to enroll in part-time program will need to transfer in pathophysiology or take it prior to beginning of the part-time program. Students will be provided guidance and assistance from the program director in the planning of their academic program. Part-time programs are scheduled periodically. For more information please speak with the program director.

Credit/Unit Requirements

Total program credits/units = 120 semester credits/units of which:

  • 51 general education and science credits may be transferred
  • 3 credits pathophysiology course may be transferred or taken during the program
  • 30 credits/units for active/un-encumbered registered nurse license to be awarded upon successful completion of the program
  • 36 credits/units earned for in-house
Program Registration Fee Non-refundable STRF Textbook Lab Tuition* Total cost
RN-BSN $ 100.00 $ 0.00 $ 1319.35 $ 216.00 $ 19,125.65 $21,450.00
Courses Description Credits/Units
CoursesSemester A-B NURS 2399 Description Pathophysiology & Healthcare Management* Credits/Units 3
CoursesSemester A: NURS 3311
NURS 3312
NURS 3213
NURS 3414
Description Promoting Health
Dynamic of Nursing I
Nursing: The “Caring” Profession (theory)
Physical Exam and Health Assessment
Credits/Units 3
CoursesSemester B: NURS 3215
NURS 3415
NURS 4316
NURS 4317
Description Community, Public & Global Health Practicum
Community, Public & Global Health Perspectives
Healthcare Informatics and Patient Care Technologies
Dynamics of Nursing 2
Credits/Units 2
CoursesSemester C: NURS 4318
NURS 4319
NURS 4320
NURS 4321
Description Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
Advanced Management & Leadership Strategies
The Business and Politics of Health Care
Evidence-Based Practice:
Capstone Scholarship Project
Credits/Units 3