As a student you have a right to:

  1. Career Information – Accurate facts about job availability and salary ranges if the institution makes claims to prospective students regarding the starting salaries of its graduates.
  2. A catalog – A comprehensive listing of current and accurate information regarding programs, policies, procedures and a list of current administrative staff and faculty, including their qualifications.
  3. Contract – An enrollment agreement that states the program and the number of units, clock hours or units required to complete the course, the length of program covered by the enrollment agreement and the cancellation and refund policies.
  4. Cost Information – Clear and honest disclosure of all tuition, fees, and other charges related to the cost of receiving your education.
  5. Financial Aid Disclosure – Full disclosure of all financial aid and loan information including rates, terms and any deferment or forbearance options.
  6. Quality Faculty – Instructors who are knowledgeable and current in the areas they are teaching.
  7. Quality Materials – Textbooks, teaching materials, and equipment that are current and in good condition.
  8. Refunds – The ability and right to withdraw from school at any time and receive a refund for tuition paid but not used.
  9. Retention/ Placement Information – Information about the number and percentage of the students that start and complete programs and number and percentage of graduates placed in jobs.