7 Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

February 6, 2020

Close up portrait of female medical assistant wearing protective cap and mask. Surgery medical assistance hospital epidemic and healthcare concept.

Opportunities for a career in healthcare have been on the rise for some time, and as the population continues to age, the need for healthcare workers will continue to grow. Medical assistants are an important part of the healthcare team, as they work closely with physicians, administration, and patients. Becoming a part of the healthcare industry can provide many benefits, and get you on a path toward a more advanced career in healthcare!

1. Employment Opportunities are Growing

You will always be in demand as a medical assistant. Healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on medical assistants as demand for healthcare services increase. Skilled and trustworthy medical assistants keep offices and clinics running smoothly, and more facilities are recognizing the advantage of relying on medical assistants.

2. There is a Short Path from School to Employment

Many jobs in the medical field require long periods of school and on the job training. However, becoming a medical assistant can happen in as little as a year with a certificate, or under two years if you choose to begin with an associate’s degree. For someone looking to begin working and earning a paycheck, becoming a medical assistant can put you on the fast track toward employment.

3. There is Plenty of Opportunity for Growth

If you can prove yourself as a quality medical assistant, there is plenty of room to advance in your career. In addition, while you can have a fulfilling career as a medical assistant, it can also provide a good springboard toward other jobs in the healthcare industry. You will have experience, knowledge, and a good idea of where you’d like to take your career next.

4. Medical Assistants Work in a Variety of Locations

Some healthcare careers are limited in where they can work. Medical assistants are needed in physicians’ offices, urgent care locations, specialty clinics, hospitals, and more. They may focus on one area of healthcare by working in a smaller office, or experience a variety of specialties by working in a large hospital. No matter where you feel comfortable there is a role for a medical assistant.

5. A Variety of Tasks Keep Things Interesting

As a medical assistant you’ll have a great variety of tasks. On the administrative end, medical assistants may help with scheduling patients, working with insurance companies, and keeping medical records organized. On the clinical end they’ll take vital signs, assist the nurses and physicians, and provide a communication bridge between the patients and the physician. Some medical assistants may find themselves looking for a role where they can specialize, and others are happier when they have many different jobs to do.

6. Your Hours Can Stay Regular

One of the hardest things about working in the medical field can be the hours you’ll need to keep. Many nurses and other healthcare providers struggle to find childcare or maintain relationships when their schedule is erratic, but medical assistants often keep regular hours. While opportunities for different shifts or a different schedule may be possible, especially in the variety of locations medical assistants may find themselves in, you will most likely have a schedule you can count on.

7. You’ll Get to Work with Patients

Medical assistants develop strong interpersonal skills, as they are often the first and last professional a patient will encounter. You’ll develop relationships and communicate with patients, which is an incredibly rewarding part of a medical assisting career.

The benefits to becoming a medical assistant don’t stop with these, and it may be just the right career for anyone looking for a fast path toward a secure career in healthcare! We offer an accredited Medical Assistant training program with flexible class schedules. Contact us today for more information.