Am I Too Old to Become a Medical Assistant?

November 25, 2019

Medical assisting is as much a calling as becoming a doctor or nurse. While some people hear that calling early in their lives, others take more time to carve out their career paths. Medical assisting is an important, exciting, and rewarding profession. Not only do you get to provide support to doctors and nurses, but you’ll also make critical decisions when handling patient records, coordinating schedules, and providing care.

Medical assistants enjoy what they do, and you can never be too old to get started in this field. Because demand for medical assistants is on the rise, investing in quality education will likely result in an exciting career.   

Benefits of Becoming a Medical Assistant

If you’ve been in the job market for a while and are considering a career change/upgrade, medical assisting may have crossed your mind. Becoming a medical assistant is an excellent way of entering the healthcare field. Because you won’t face the upfront cost of medical school or nursing exams, you can get started sooner and develop your skills in a professional setting.

Medical assisting programs can be completed in as little as 6 months, where you’ll learn the fundamental skills that are required on the job. Such hands-on knowledge gets you started on the right path in healthcare. And by becoming a medical assistant, you can benefit in the following ways:

Job Security

With an aging baby boomer population and increased emphasis on preventative care, the demand for medical assistants is at an all-time high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 23% rise in employment within this field over the next 10 years.

By starting your career in medical assisting, you’ll enjoy job security and opportunities within many different work environments. For example, medical assistants are employed in hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient care centers.  

Get Your Career Started Faster

Perhaps the biggest benefit of medical assisting is that you can get started within a short period of time. Since training programs can be completed in less than a year, you’ll be working in no time, and you’ll continue to learn as you work in a professional environment. This means that you don’t have to spend lots of time and money receiving the training necessary for your profession. And by getting started sooner, you can also enjoy the rewards of your profession. 

Flexible Working Hours

If you’re looking for a career that can suit your lifestyle, medical assisting is an excellent option to consider. Medical assistants enjoy flexible working hours that span across both day and night shifts. Whether you enjoy waking up early or being off during daytime hours, you can coordinate your career requirements to revolve around your lifestyle. Even better, classes and training hours are flexible. This means that you don’t have to give up your career ambitions because you have a family or another job.

Carry Out a Variety of Tasks

There’s one thing you can be sure medical assistants don’t struggle with: monotony. When working in this field, you can expect to carry out many different tasks that support the needs of patients on a daily basis. Medical assistants are involved in a wide range of healthcare services. You may spend the first hours of your shift coordinating work schedules and the later hours collecting lab tests. In-between, you may handle payments and communicate treatment plans to patients.

The Path to Becoming a Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant (MA) Programs are the quickest path to becoming a trained medical assistant. They involve a combination of theoretical and hands-on training, where students learn fundamental lessons from core areas of healthcare. The program includes concepts in psychology, anatomy, office management, special needs, and facility management.

Whether you just graduated from high school or you’ve been working for many years, it’s never too late to become a medical assistant. Get started on your career path today.