Am I Too Old to Start a Phlebotomy Technician Training Program?

September 26, 2019

phlebotomy tech

Sometimes when we’re stuck in a rut in our job, it’s only natural to start thinking about other career choices we could have made if we could only go back. The truth is, with today’s online and classroom choices and accelerated degree programs, a career change isn’t that out of reach, no matter how old you are.

Learning Has Changed

Today’s learning environment also better lends itself to non-traditional students and has led to them being more prevalent. There’s no longer the stigma associated with being the older student in the classroom. A new degree, and with it a new career, are far more attainable than what you might think.

One of the great career choices which can get you in a new career rather quickly is phlebotomy technician training. Phlebotomy techs are in high demand, and with a program like the one offered by the Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences, you could be ready to enter the field in just eight weeks.

The Right Approach

Of course, the same rules apply for non-traditional students that always have. It’s a good idea to not try to fit in with the way the younger people are dressing, or speaking. Trying to act like a 20-year-old when you are anything but is never a good idea. You’ll find going back to school easier if you embrace your life experience and draw from that.

Of course one of the biggest fears older students have is if their brain will be able to keep up. Traditional students have been in the environment and are used to the rhythms of school. It’s only natural to be hesitant after time away. Easing into classes can sometimes help you get your toes wet and put you back in learning mode.

It can be tempting to load up on as many classes as possible to finish the program quickly. Sometimes, however, it can pay bigger dividends down the road to start with a smaller schedule and get a semester under your belt before piling on the credit hours.

Take it Online

Online classes used to be a rarity, but now they are quite prevalent. Don’t assume they are going to be easier classes due to that fact alone. There’s just as much work expected of students taking online classes, but online does offer non-traditional students a great way to fit classes into their current work and life schedule.

Do You Ultimately Have What it Takes?

The one question you have to ask yourself is if the obstacle of schooling wasn’t so daunting, would phlebotomy tech be a good career choice for you?

Phlebotomy technician training can give you all the training you need to take blood samples from patients, and process and prepare those sample for testing. However, there’s another component of the job that no amount of schooling can prepare you for. You’ll often have patients averse to needles, or young children who may be scared by their first time through the process. Compassion and empathy for patients and the ability to relate to people under a stressful situation is also key. That’s something that can’t be taught in school.

If you are looking to make a career change, and phlebotomy technician training sounds like a field you might be interested in, don’t wait any longer. Take the plunge today and contact our admissions team at the Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences. You could be enjoying a new career faster than you ever thought possible.