Becoming a CNA May Be the Best Thing You Can Do

“I can’t go back to school, I need to…” If this sounds like you, you’ve probably found reason after reason not to go back to school, but becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may be the best thing you can do. Attending nursing assistant school is a fantastic way to elevate your ability to earn a wage in a career that’s always in demand, and it may be easier than you think.

Caring geriatric nurse in white coat cares for elderly man.

Healthcare Workers are Essential

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that healthcare workers are essential — and that we need more of them. Nursing homes, for example, are experiencing significant shortages of nursing assistants including STNA’s, CNAs, and LNAs. Not only is there an existing shortage, but the demand for elder care is expected to grow by over 70% in the next 20+ years. The current field job growth is 8%, which is much faster than the national job growth average.

A pandemic-proof career trajectory, getting your CNA is a fantastic way to always find work no matter what is going on. In addition, healthcare workers may be eligible for essential service benefits in your area, including simple perks like free coffee or significant benefits like early vaccine access — check your city for specifics.

Training Designed for Your Busy Lifestyle

Many nursing assistant school programs are designed for those with busy lives and active schedules. Chances are, you won’t be expected to sit for four years at a desk. Instead, nursing assistant school programs are often offered with flexible class schedules like full time, part time,  weekends and evenings to adapt to your busy schedule. Entry-level degrees can often be completed in just a few months, making your entry into the workforce that much faster.

Earn Back Your Tuition in Weeks

When people are considering a degree, the cost of tuition and student loans often comes into the conversation. A nursing assistant degree will let you skip the lengthy payback cycle. You can obtain a degree at an affordable nursing assistant school program. However, the starting wage for nursing assistants nationally is $14.25/hour. That means many jobs you obtain using your nursing assistant school degree can have a return on your education investment in your first few months of work!

So don’t hesitate — move from a simple job to a long-term career field today. Nursing assistant school programs are available widely. Choose a nursing assistant school program like a CNA to best suit the needs of yourself, your family, and your community and get on the path to those essential earnings today! We’d love to hear from you! Contact Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences today for information about our exceptional CNA program. We’ll set you up for success.