Do You Get Benefits Working as a CNA?

When researching whether or not to begin a new career and become a certified nursing assistant, you are undoubtedly looking at the possible salary, benefits, and job opportunities. Certified nursing assistants can work in nursing facilities, hospitals, retirement facilities, assisted living facilities, and for home healthcare agencies. Although the individual facilities are different, CNAs will […]

Skills to Highlight on Your CNA Resume

When you are looking for your first job after you become a certified nursing assistant, you will not yet have the relevant experience to highlight on your resume, and this can make writing a resume difficult. Yet to get a good job, you need a great resume. When you write your first resume, focus on […]

Answering Your FAQs About a Career as a CNA

If you are looking for a career in healthcare, you can become a certified nursing assistant in a relatively short period of time. CNAs are in high demand with excellent job stability, and becoming a certified nursing assistant can be a great way to jump start your career in healthcare.

Certified Nursing Assistant Career Opportunities

When you begin nursing assistant school, you may wonder what career opportunities will await you at the end. A certified nursing assistant can work in a variety of work settings. Certified nursing assistants will assist patients throughout the day, and this help is needed in many different places. Certified nursing assistants are needed in so […]

7 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) work with nursing staff to provide supportive patient care. A CNA will work in nursing facilities and hospitals. While you may want to become a certified nursing assistant as a jumping off point toward a career in nursing or healthcare, there are many additional reasons to consider becoming a certified nursing […]

What to Expect in CNA Training Program

Choosing to become a Certified Nursing Assistant is an excellent way to begin a career in healthcare. A CNA stays busy assisting patients with the activities of daily living, such as bathing, eating, moving, and toileting, as well as taking vital signs and recording medical data. A CNA is an active healthcare worker, and the […]

Will Being a CNA Help Me Get Into Nursing School?

If you are a certified nursing assistant (CNA) and love your job, you may be interested in doing more in the healthcare field. You may choose to become a nurse because of the numerous opportunities the profession has to offer, such as: Being able to help patients in a greater capacity. Room for better opportunities […]

What is it Like to be a Nursing Assistant?

If you love helping people every day, becoming a nursing assistant will be a great way to earn a living. You are most likely to get deep career satisfaction by providing support and care to patients who need it. Additionally, you can get a job easily after your certification because the overall employment rate of […]

Is a CNA the Same as a Health Care Assistant?

If you’re looking for an entry-level healthcare job you can find one. Do you want more than just a job but feel like a career in the healthcare field is out of reach? Pursuing a bachelor’s degree is expensive and a huge time commitment you may not be able to fit into your busy life. […]

Talented Healthcare Workers are in Demand

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing fields and expected to continue that growth over the next decade. It’s projected that by the end of the decade, the need for talented healthcare workers will increase by nearly 10%. Becoming a nursing assistant is an excellent way to break into this fast growing field. A career […]