Becoming a CNA May Be the Best Thing You Can Do

“I can’t go back to school, I need to…” If this sounds like you, you’ve probably found reason after reason not to go back to school, but becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) may be the best thing you can do. Attending nursing assistant school is a fantastic way to elevate your ability to earn […]

7 Study Habits of Successful Nursing Students

To be successful in nursing school-whether you’re attending a four year college or looking at an STNA program -you’ll find that you need to fit life in around your studies, rather than trying to fit studies into your life. Nursing school can be demanding, and no matter how successful you’ve been in academics before, you’ll […]

Is it Possible to Work Full Time and Go to Nursing School?

Many adults are trying to balance a job while furthering their education. Working part-time and going to school full-time sounds like a full schedule. Working full-time and going to school part-time sounds like a lot to balance. Both seem to indicate a busy life, although manageable with some organization.

Exploring the Difference Between a CMA and an STNA

Becoming either a certified medical assistant (CMA) or a state tested nursing assistant (STNA) is a true accomplishment for anyone. Both positions pay well and also command a reasonable degree of respect in the medical community. Still, the two positions are not at all identical. Here is a quick rundown of the principal differences between […]

Getting Into Nursing Schools Without Pre-Requisites

Interested in attending nursing school, but afraid you’ll lack the pre-requisites for a good program? Fortunately, there are many ways for a high-school graduate or someone with equivalent credentials to begin training as a nurse immediately, with minimal requirements. Today, we’ll look at what you might need to begin something like a Certified Nursing Assistant […]

Preparing for Nursing School While You’re Still in High School

Nursing is an in-demand profession that requires training, compassion, and perseverance. Choosing to become a nurse after high school graduation is a fantastic way to ensure that you have a long and rewarding career path ahead, surrounded by amazing medical professionals.

How to Succeed in Nursing School

Enrolling in nursing school can be very beneficial for motivated students. By completing one of our nursing assistant programs, you’ll set yourself up for a fulfilling career within the healthcare field. Not only will you have job stability as a result of the increasingly high demand for professionals in the nursing field, but you’ll have […]

Can I Survive Working While in Nursing School?

A lot of people go to college while holding a job. They understand that getting a degree will be well worth the time and effort it takes to balance work and school. However, you might be wondering if this is possible if you plan on going to nursing school. Nursing school does take a lot […]

How to Get into Nursing School

When it comes to choosing a career, a lot of people are realizing that a career in nursing can be very rewarding. There is a huge demand for nurses and that demand is going to continue to grow. One reason for this is the growing number of senior citizens.

Is There Room For Me in the Nursing Job Market?

There’s nothing more frustrating and defeating than spending years going to school studying a specific subject or profession only to find that job opportunities are limited once you graduate. It’s why it’s so important that you do your due diligence researching the job market before you enroll in any schools or programs.