The information contained in this disclosure document is provided by Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences (TSHAS) in compliance with the federal law. Originally enacted in 1990, the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act was amended in 1998 and renamed the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (Clery Act). This act required all postsecondary institutions participating in HEA’s Title IV student financial assistance programs to disclose campus crime statistics and security information.

A.    Reporting Criminal Actions or Other Emergencies


  1. It is the policy of Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences that any criminal act; act or threat of violence; injury; destruction of school or personal property; traffic accident; or other situation which occurs in the school, and which may constitute an emergency, a danger to the health, safety, or property of any person, or a threat to the public order be reported immediately to the School Director.


  1. All witnesses to any situation which fits into any of the above-described categories shall make themselves available to make written statements and otherwise assist TSHAS officials and law enforcement officers in the investigation of the situation. It shall be an offense subject to appropriate disciplinary action for any TSHAS employee or student to file a false report or knowingly make a false statement about, or interfere with the investigation of any situation of nature described in paragraph A.1. above.


  1. It shall be the duty of TSHAS, upon its designated official or officials being made aware of any situation of a nature described in paragraph A.1., above, to immediately take all reasonable action to prevent or minimize any harm or threat of harm to the employees, students, and visitors of TSHAS. Furthermore, it shall be the duty of said official(s) to notify the appropriate law enforcement agency in the event of an act of a criminal nature, or of any other nature (for example, a traffic accident) which would ordinarily involve law enforcement officials. Additionally, it shall be the duty of said official(s) to contact the appropriate fire department, emergency medical agency, or other authority or agency which is due to be notified of the respective incident.


B.   Security of, and Access to, Campus Facilities


Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences is “security conscious”, and the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors is assigned a high priority. The following is a description of conditions relating to access to and security of its facilities:

  • Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences (TSHAS) is located at 1225 W 190th Street, Suite 375 in the City of Gardena, 90248. The surrounding businesses include Rehabilitation Center, Dialysis, and US Health Works. It is centrally located and easily accessible by bus and a few minutes away from major freeways 110 and 405 in Southern California. Shopping centers, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, post office, gas stations, schools, hospitals, and libraries are within a 2-mile radius from the school.
  • The building has ample of parking spaces for building tenants and students.  The building and the parking lot is lighted at night. The building’s entrance doors are open Monday to Friday 8:00 am-5:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am-1:00 pm only. Door codes are provided to TSHAS Students during their class hours and a separate door code for the TSHAS Staff.

C.   TSHAS Law Enforcement Policies and Practices


It is the policy of Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences that all persons who enter and utilize its facilities must comply with all federal, state, and local ordinances. Students, faculty, and staff are also required to comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the TSHAS School Catalog. Violations reported or otherwise detected will be completely investigated and submitted to proper authorities for prosecution.


D. Categories of Crime Statistics


Types of Criminal Offenses –


  1. Criminal Homicide
  2. Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter is defined as the willful (non-negligent) killing of one human being by another.
  3. Negligent Manslaughter is defined as the killing of another person through gross negligence.


  1. Sex offenses
  2. Sex Offenses – Forcible is defined as any sexual act directed against another person, forcibly and/or against that person’s will; or not forcibly or against the person’s will where the victim is incapable of giving consent.
  3. Sex Offenses – Non-forcible is defined as unlawful, non-forcible sexual intercourse. Ex. Incest, Statutory Rape


  1. Robbery is the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.


  1. Aggravated Assault is an unlawful attack by one person upon another for the purpose of inflicting severe or aggravated bodily injury. This type of assault is usually accompanied by the use of a weapon or by means likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Attempts to injure or kill are included in this category.


  1. Burglary is defined as the unlawful entry of a structure to commit a felony or theft. The use of force to give entry is not required to classify an offense as a burglary, so long as the entry was unlawful.


  1. Motor Vehicle Theft is defined as the theft or attempted theft of a motor vehicle. This offense includes the stealing of automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, motor scooters, snowmobiles, etc. It does not include the taking for temporary use by a person having lawful access to the respective vehicle.


  1. Arson is any willful or malicious burning or attempt to burn, with or without intent to defraud, a dwelling house, public building, motor vehicle or aircraft, personal property of another, etc.


  1. Liquor Law Violation is an act or omission committed in violation of an ordinance or statute designed to control the possession, sale, distribution, or usage of an alcoholic beverage(s).


  1. Drug Abuse Violation is an act or omission committed in violation of an ordinance or statute designed to control the possession, sale, distribution, or usage of an alcoholic beverage(s).


  1. Weapons Possession shall be the illegal possession or control of an item designed as a “weapon” by ordinance, statute, or case law.


  1. Larceny-Theft is the unlawful taking, carrying, leading, or riding away of property from the possession or constructive possession of another.


E. Campus Crime Statistics


Crime Statistics for Academic Years 2017 – 2019

(April 15, 2017, through and including March 30, 2019)


(a) Murder  Number of incidents classified as murder0
(b) Rape Number of forcible rapes0
Number of attempted rapes or assaults to rape0
(c) RobberyNumber of robberies involving the use of a weapon0
Number of robberies involving force or threat but no weapon0
(d) Aggravated Assault      Number of attempted murders0
Number of other aggravated assaults0
(e) BurglaryNumber of burglaries of occupied dwelling places0
Number of burglaries of unoccupied dwelling places0
(f) Motor Vehicle TheftNumber of automobile and other motor vehicle thefts0
(g) ArsonNumber of incidents classified as arson0
(h) Liquor Law ViolationsNumber of arrests for illegal possession of alcoholic beverages0
Number of arrests for illegal sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages0
Number of arrests for public intoxication0
(i) Drug Abuse ViolationNumber of arrests for illegal possession of an illicit drug or controlled substance0
Number of arrests for possession, sale, or distribution of drug paraphernalia0
(j) Weapons ViolationsNumber of arrests for illegal possession or control of a firearm0
Number of arrests for illegal possession or control of explosives0
Number of arrests for possession or control of weapons

Other than firearms or explosive

(k) Larceny-theftNumber of thefts reported0
(l) Simple AssaultNumber of crimes reported0
(m) IntimidationNumber of incidents reported0
(n) Destruction / Damage/ Vandalism of PropertyNumber of incidents reported0


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