Do You Get Benefits Working as a CNA?

When researching whether or not to begin a new career and become a certified nursing assistant, you are undoubtedly looking at the possible salary, benefits, and job opportunities. Certified nursing assistants can work in nursing facilities, hospitals, retirement facilities, assisted living facilities, and for home healthcare agencies. Although the individual facilities are different, CNAs will find many benefits when they begin their healthcare career.

REcent graduate from a CNA program working in a healthcare facility wearing a mask.

Many CNA Positions Do Come with Benefits

Certified nursing assistants are usually hourly employees rather than salaried. Benefits are often dependent on how many hours you work for a particular facility. Some CNAs may work part-time hours, and some may work up to 60 hours a week. When you are working full-time as a CNA in a healthcare facility you will most likely be offered benefits that can include healthcare, life insurance, paid vacation time, and retirement plans. Some facilities may even offer education benefits to valued employees so they can further their careers.

Other Benefits of Becoming a CNA

There are many benefits when you become a certified nursing assistant. In addition to salary and benefits, there are many other advantages.


  • Opportunity to Make a Difference


When you become a certified nursing assistant, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your patients. A CNA will assist patients with tasks that they are unable to complete on their own, and this position is essential to their well-being.

  • Affordable Education and Training

Because you will earn a certification rather than a degree, you can become a certified nursing assistant in a few months or less for a relatively low financial investment.

  • Job Stability

An aging population has created a great need to fill healthcare positions, and a CNA will find they have excellent job security and plenty of opportunity to find the right position.

  • Opportunity for Advancement

The tasks a certified nursing assistant will perform in their position will give them experience in basic nursing skills and allow them to explore different aspects of patient care. The opportunity to network with other medical staff and the experience they gain will make them desirable candidates for career advancement.

  • Flexibility

Although many facilities that employ certified nursing assistants have standard hours, there is a great possibility for a flexible schedule, which works well for many families.

How to Begin a Career in Healthcare and Become a Certified Nursing Assistant

To become a certified nursing assistant, you will complete an approved program. Programs are offered in-person, online, and can usually be completed in only a few months. Programs are often both flexible and affordable and can be scheduled around other family and work responsibilities. CNA students will learn about anatomy, body mechanics, daily patient care procedures, patient safety, nutrition, and medical equipment. When you complete a CNA program, you know that you are prepared to begin a career in healthcare.

When you become a certified nursing assistant, you will have job security, great employment opportunities, and the ample benefits that come with a career in healthcare. Training is quick and affordable, and you can begin working and reaping all the benefits of the job, knowing that you are making a difference in the lives of your patients. To learn more about how to become a certified nursing assistant, contact Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences today!