How to Write a Killer Medical Assistant Resume with No Experience

September 10, 2019

medical assistant qualifications

Let’s say that you worked hard to earn your Medical Assistant Certification. The program you attended helped prepare you so that you could pass your AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants) exam so that you could obtain your medical assistant certification. Now what? It’s time to find a job — but how can you secure a position as a medical assistant with no experience? Fortunately, you’ll still have plenty of medical assistant qualifications that you can include on your resume that will help you get hired. The following are a few tips on how to write a medical assistant resume with no experience:

Tailor Your Resume to the Position You’re Applying For

Don’t just submit the same resume for every position you’re applying for. Different medical assistant positions have different requirements. For example, if you’re applying for a front desk position at a private practice, then you’ll want to highlight your organizational and time-management skills since you may be responsible forĀ filing out paperwork and scheduling patients.

Highlight Your Educational Experience

Be sure to mention what medical assistant program you attended and when you earned your certification. You should also highlight some of the skills that you learned in your clinicals. This experience counts for something. So will the work you did as an intern, so be sure to mention where you interned as a medical assistant and what your duties were.

Highlight Your Medical Assistant Qualifications

Medical skills aren’t the only skills that employers are looking for. There are transferable skills that medical employers find incredibly valuable that you should mention. For example, the ability to communicate, multi-task, stay organized and solve problems are all valuable skills. Make it known that you have a hard work ethic and that you’re willing to learn.

Mention any Related Volunteer Work You’ve Done

Another form of experience that can stand out on your resume is the volunteer work you’ve done. Obviously, it has to be related to the medical field in some way. For example, if you volunteered at a senior home or at the Red Cross, then this will certainly help bolster your resume. It shows that you have experience working in a field that’s related to the medical industry and that at the very least, you’ve had experience working closely with individuals who may have had medical needs.

Make Sure Your Resume is Written and Structured Professionally

A professional resume is a must, whether you have experience or not. Employers will either ignore resumes that look unprofessional or they will get the impression that you don’t care enough to craft a professional resume. As such, keep your resume brief — no more than one page. Structure it to highlight your strengths. Make sure that you break the resume up into sections and bullet points so that it’s easy to scan. If your resume is a giant wall of text, it will be difficult to read. Above all else, make sure you don’t have spelling or grammar errors. Such errors show carelessness — and that’s not something an employer wants in their new medical assistant.

Once you complete a medical assistant program and you’ve earned your certification, you’re going to begin sending out your resume in order to find a job as a medical assistant. Despite lacking experience as a medical assistant, you can still position yourself as someone who can perform medical assistant duties and responsibilities if you know how to write an effective resume. Becoming a medical assistant can open many doors to further your career in the medical field. Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences offers an outstanding, accredited Medical Assistant Program. We pride ourselves in the education our students receive. We’re helping people like you every day achieve their career goals. Find out more about becoming a medical assistant and schedule a tour of our campus today!