Is it Possible to Obtain Medical Assistant Jobs Without Certification?

September 18, 2019

Medical assistants are needed in all kinds of different settings, including private practices, hospitals, outpatient care centers, medical research centers, diagnostic laboratories, and nursing care facilities, just to name a few. As such, there’s a great demand for medical assistants that’s only going to grow over the next decade as the population grows. Becoming a medical assistant can help provide job stability as a result; however, the question many people ask is whether they actually need to be certified as a medical assistant in order to get a job as a medical assistant.

Is Certification Required to Become a Medical Assistant?

Certification is actually not required in order to become a medical assistant. This is because there are no federal or state requirements for medical assistants to worry about. Medical assistants have a lot of different responsibilities, but they can be taught through training on the job. Some of these responsibilities can include administrative tasks (such as maintaining patient records, billing, and managing medical inventory) and basic office tasks (such as answering the phone and scheduling appointments). Medical assistants may be required to perform some clinical tasks, such as preparing patients for exams and recording vital signs, as well.

How hard is it to get a medical assistant job without certification?

Even though certification isn’t required, obtaining a medical assistant certification shows that you have the necessary skills to be a medical assistant. It means you don’t need to be trained from the ground up to perform the tasks you’ll be responsible for. You’re going to quickly find that it’s a lot easier to get a job as a medical assistant if you are certified. This is especially true as more people are enrolling into medical assistant programs and getting certified after they graduate. An employer is going to be more likely to hire someone who is certified over someone who isn’t. To obtain experience without being certified, you can do one of the following:

  • Obtain sponsored training – Also known as an internship, the training will depend on the organization you sign up with — and you may not be paid either. The skills you learn will help you become a medical assistant, but they may be tailored to the specific needs of that organization.
  • Shadow an experienced medical assistant – You can shadow a medical assistant during their work hours. It’s informal training, but you can obtain the skills and knowledge you need.

Finding a job without certification or any kind of experience is tough. There are a few paths you can try to take. For example, you can volunteer with someone in the medical field that you know, you can sign up with a job agency that might have some contacts in the medical field, you can ask for an internship at an ambulatory health service, you can ask a neighborhood healthcare service about any available training programs, or you can look for online training programs.

Consider Enrolling in a Medical Assistant Certification Program Today

Although it’s possible to find a medical assistant job without certification, you’re going to have to find a way to get training to make up for your lack of experience and skills. This can be very challenging to find as many employers would rather hire certified medical assistants who won’t require nearly as much on-the-job training. As a result, you’re much better off enrolling in a medical assistant certification program that will properly prepare you for the medical assistant certification exam. Being able to add that credential to your resume for medical assistant jobs will be a major benefit. Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences offers an outstanding, accredited Medical Assistant Program. We pride ourselves in the education our students receive. We’re helping people like you everyday achieve their career goals. Find out more about becoming a medical assistant and schedule a tour of our campus today!