Phlebotomy Can Be Your First Step into a Healthcare Career

December 12, 2019

When you think about becoming a healthcare professional, you might assume that you’ll have to go to school for years in order to become one. However, this is not always the case. There are plenty of jobs within the healthcare field that will require less than a year of education to qualify for. For example, you could become a phlebotomy tech. Becoming a phlebotomy tech is an excellent way to kick start your healthcare career.

What is a Phlebotomy Tech?

A phlebotomy tech, also referred to as a phlebotomist, is a medical professional whose main responsibility is to draw blood from patients. In fact, the word “phlebotomy” derives from the Greek words “phlebo,” which means pertaining to blood and “tomy,” which means making an incision. Because drawing blood requires a needle to be inserted through the patient’s skin, the role of a phlebotomy tech is very specialized. They work in a variety of different settings, including private practices, hospitals, and blood donation centers.

What are the Responsibilities of a Phlebotomy Tech?

Although a phlebotomy tech has one main job, that job consists of many responsibilities. For example, as a phlebotomy tech, you would be responsible for the following:

  • Safely taking small skin-puncture blood samples.
  • Safely taking a venipuncture blood sample, which requires a needle to be inserted into a vein.
  • Safely operating specialized medical equipment to withdraw plasma.
  • Ensuring that the surrounding environment is properly sanitized and safe for patients.
  • Making sure that the tools you use are properly cleaned, sanitized, and organized.
  • Ensuring that blood samples are properly labeled and organized before being sent to the lab.

Additionally, as a phlebotomy tech, you need to have some people skills. You will be dealing directly with patients, which means that you need to be friendly and helpful. Remember, many patients are nervous or even afraid of needles or the sight of blood. You need to be able to calm them down and reassure them. You may also need to be able to help patients who feel sick or who faint after blood has been drawn. Your social skills will be even more important if you are dealing with children.

How Can You Become a Phlebotomy Tech?

One of the advantages of becoming a phlebotomy tech is that although training is required, it doesn’t take nearly as long to receive the training you need compared to other healthcare professionals. In order to enroll in a phlebotomy technician program, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • You must have your current CPR card.
  • You must have a passing score on the Wonderlic SLE test.
  • You must undergo live scan fingerprinting.
  • You must pass a drug screening.
  • You must pass a complete physical exam.

If you meet the requirements, you can enroll in a phlebotomy technician program, which typically takes less than a couple months or so to complete. Once you complete the program, you will need to pass an exam in order to become certified.

Our Phlebotomy Technician Program

Our phlebotomy technician program can be completed within 12 days if you attend full-time. If you attend class part-time (on the weekends) it will take eight weeks. You will be required to take 40 hours of didactic training, which is broken down into 20 hours of basic lessons and 20 hours of advanced lessons. You will also need to complete 40 hours of externship training in a chemical laboratory. For more information about enrolling in our phlebotomy technician program, contact us at the Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences today.