State Tested Nursing Assistants Have Job Satisfaction

January 30, 2020

A nursing assistant helping a patient.

State tested nursing assistants provide essential hands-on care to patients in all different medical settings. These medical professionals help patients with everything from bathing to dressing, feeding, repositioning/turning, cleaning, and other daily activities. Those who work as state tested nursing assistants typically choose this profession for reasons beyond financial compensation. Though the STNA salary is more than enough to pay the bills, nursing assistants also help people live healthy and happy lives.

Working as a State Tested Nursing Assistant

No two work days are exactly the same for those who earn a living as a state tested nursing assistant. Though the job involves some unpleasant work, there are countless heartwarming moments you’ll encounter. Ask anyone who is a nursing assistant about his or her daily activities and you will find these professionals genuinely value their relationships with patients. Though the majority of state tested nursing assistants work in residential and nursing care facilities after STNA training, some assist those who are bedridden in the hospital. It is only human nature to feel empathy toward those in need, especially when you see your patients on a daily basis.

Earn a Living Wage in an Expanding Field

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there will be an 18% increase in the number of state tested nursing assistant jobs across the next five years. This is quite a rapid rate of growth considering the typical job growth rate is a mere 7%. In other words, several hundred thousands of state tested nursing assistants will be needed in the years ahead. Such strong demand results in a spike in STNA salary. The exact location of your nursing assistant position will ultimately dictate your STNA salary. Work full-time as a nursing assistant and you will earn a living wage, full medical benefits, paid vacation, and contributions to your retirement. In fact, some employers in the medical industry offer additional benefits such as tuition reimbursement.

Some choose to work as an STNA as the job provides the freedom to live and work in just about any location. As long as you have the will to complete STNA training and work hard, you will find a number of lucrative opportunities whether it is in a long-term care facility, a hospital, a hospice, a clinic, a nursing home or elsewhere. Our educators are here to help with the essential first step of in-depth STNA training.

The Mentally Stimulating Workday You Desire

No one wants to go to work and watch the clock hands move. If you are busy and interested in your daily work, you will feel truly engaged with your job. This is the perfect description of state tested nursing assistant positions. As is often said, variety is the spice of life. This holds true in the context of work, especially when it comes to the field of nursing. No two patients are exactly the same in terms of medical challenges as well as personality. Complete STNA training, enter the field, and you will find time flies as you will be busy solving problems, helping those in need, and sweating all the small stuff to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible.

Trinity School of Health and Allied Sciences

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